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Measure 37 claimants who have received county approval will have multiple tasks involved in developing their properties. Areas of consideration include:

  • Environmental impact on community health & safety

  • Utility improvements: roads, water, power, sewer

  • Land use planning

  • Architectural plan

  • Building permit application

  • Project management

  • Project financing custom home loans

  • Real estate listing and sales

  • Insurance and legal requirements

This website is designed to offer aids and resources to anybody who wishes to improve properties under the guidelines of the State of Oregon and its counties. Privately financed by Pacific Trail Mortgage, this site is organic in nature and designed to grow as it is used. Please feel free to contact us with your comments and ideas at 888-777-8771.

Links are organized by general category, then by county and the individuals serving those counties. Government agencies as well as private enterprises are listed. Representation of a public or private organization on this website does not represent any type of endorsement, neither express nor implicit.